Responsive Design Experiments 2

I’ve been working some more on the responsive template I’m building. I’ve introduced a menu switch with a bit of JQuery to make a drop down menu replace the main horizontal one for viewing in mobile devices. I’ve also added image styles for the sidebar and in content blocks. I’m ready now to make it into a child template of Twenty Eleven, and begin to integrate it with wordpress content and categories. Have a look here. If you want to see the styles change, drag the bottom right corner of your browser around to see the switching between states.

Screengrab of Responsive 1.1

I’ll be installing a few plugins, including one to enable contextual displaying of menus and widgets, and this responsive slider I like the facility to overlay video and text on an image, and I think it will be a good way to present video content.

I’m going to install the new test template in a sub folder of here, and will post the url as soon as it works!