Meet the 2.0s

During my time working at the National Space Centre, I’ve been developing these little characters to accompany pages and events.

The 2.0s (two point ohs) were created by NSC Creative, as the stars of their award winning full-dome film ‘We Are Astronomers’. The 2.0s are mini, orange versions of us, intrepidly scanning the skies for distant galaxies and undiscovered planets, in a never ending search for the origins of the Universe. Their newest adventure sees them embarking on a search for intelligent life, in their forthcoming film ‘We Are Aliens’.

Before I arrived at the National Space Centre, they had developed a 2.0 character called ‘Brock Anchorson’ as part of the interactive Weather Pod exhibit, as a news anchor introducing weather reports presented by visitors. When we redeveloped the site for the National Space Centre, they were keen to use the characters across the site, and so we started to work with the 2.0s to become site guides, asides and to accompany pages.

I’ve really enjoyed making the illustrations. I’ve enjoyed adapting them to different aspects of space culture, history and geek culture. I’ve mixed flat 2D vector graphics with the 3D models of the 2.0s, and textured and shaded them in Photoshop.  One of the concerns the Space Centre had with the initial brief is the worry that the 2.0s are too childish, and would alienate adult visitors. I hope instead that they have a more contemporary illustration feel, and will appeal to adults as well (To be honest, I don’t really get the doodles for kids vs. doodles for grown ups thing!).

Here are some of the 2.0s in various states of fancy dress. You can also find a lot more over on the National Space Centre website.

Iron Man

May the Fourth

All star


Mary Poppins