I started playing around with logo ideas today. I wanted to make something that was easily scalable and worked in black and white and a range of colours. ‘A Thousand Tiny Pieces’ is quite a long title, so I wanted to play with something a bit more abstract.

I decided to take the word ‘tiny’ as the main word, and surround it with loads (not quite a thousand!) tiny circles, so the word is visible in the negative space. I also constrained the pattern in a circle, so it would make a good icon, and would look ace on a badge!

Here it is, in a bunch of of different colour contrasts and on a vintagey sunburst background;

Tiny 1tiny 2


tiny 4

It reminds me of colour perception tests, or bubbles, and in the orange and brown version of a giraffe! I’m not totally sure about the font, I think I’d like to try something more delicate, perhaps handwritten, but I think the idea works well. I’m using web fonts for the logo, so I can reuse them in the headers and body of the site. Let me know what you think!

4 Replies to “tiny”

  1. Not totally convinced on the star burst but the concept of the tiny in the pieces is strong. Obviously there has to be a thousand spots??! 😉 maybe the star burst needs to be worked into more as it does add a nice dynamism and movement but just feels a bit cliched at the moment.

    1. The starburst isn’t really part of the design, I just wanted to try the logo on a texture, and couldn’t resist a bit of cheesy vintage. If it does have a background at any point, it will of course be Space Denim!

  2. I like it. Think number two – reversed – works better than number one. At least ‘tiny’ reads clearer. I agree about the font though, think the y is too wide.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Carol – I’m about to try out some new fonts. I want to try something a bit more hand-drawn, but am not sure it will hold up well when small and with a dotty background. I’m thinking of using a single letter for a smaller icon version too.

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